Message rate performance with multiple feeders

I have been running a piaware only config on an RPi3 for about a week now and have been having fairly consistent messages/sec rates as compared to the number of aircraft tracked and per time of day.

I loaded a Flightradar24 feeder last night and empirically the msg/sec rate has seemed lower. I will not know for certain for a few more days of data collection, but I was wondering if adding multiple feeders to the same piaware system would adversely affect the message rate and is there a better way to collect metrics to confirm or deny my assumptions regarding lower message rates?

I saw differences between the two as well. I don’t think it has anything to do with running both on the same Pi, as I saw the same running them on different Pis.

It think it has more to do with how each interprets/classify the information.

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Message rate is from receiver to decoder, not the network, so it will not be affected if you added additional feeders. a good one to try with very good graphs is opensky-network, and will see also those discarded by FA.