Medical question

Technically I am “grounded” as my medical has to go to Oklahoma for the final decision and in the full scheme of things, not a big deal on the following “one month difference” question but I am curious.

My current class three medical expired 08/31/2009
My exam date was 08/18/2009
I got all my medical records to the ME doc on 08/21/2009
He sends it off to OK.
We are now in September. Will my new medical exam begin with 09/2009 and expire 09/2011 based on the decision date? shows the exam date being the criteria, but is the exam “completed” without a decision? Previous exams, I was handed my medical, paid the 60 bucks and vamoosed for two years.

Like I say above, not a big deal since 23 months really isn’t that much different then 24 months, but I wonder if others had this experience?

Oddly enough, the ME did not have me sign the AOPA turbo version of the 8500 to be sent which gives me a “queasy feeling” knowing how “signature requirements” can be in the government realm. In some ways, this I think would sort of help me since should a denial be considered since something I wouldn’t think cannot be denied if I didn’t make a formal application (signed?) Thoughts?

DVT cause of this “review”

I’d GUESS the date the Dr. gave you the Exam is the date to use.

It’s this way with my Canadian Medical. I get The exam from an FAA Dr., send the stuff to Ottawa and they send me a Canadian Medical weeks later with the date of the actual exam on it.

if yoru car insurance is from 1 jan to 1 jan and you miss your jan payment and pay on 1 feb, tey dont make yoru insurance coverate start 1 feb, they will cover you back to 1 jan cause there are govt rules reguarding that.

if your drivers license is from 1 jan to 1 jan and you dont renew until 1 feb, your next license is still from 1 jan to 1 jan.

both of these they dont issue financial penalties for being late so they can justify back dating the coverage.

nursing license if you dont renew your 160 dollar 4 year license, there is a 50 dollar penalty per month up to 4 months, but when you do renew you start from the new date since you paid penalties for not paying yoru fees on time. since you are operating with no license you are penalized.

so if you are not charged penalties and still operate as if your license and requirements are not met, then i would say they would not move up your dates, so you pay for 24 months and only get 23 months privelages, since 1 month has already gone by. but if you have to pay penaltie fees then i would say yoru new date would be 1 month later and you would pay for 24 months and get 24 new months coverage.

Seems like sound logic to me, and I’m sure it supersedes the FARs. No need to check those pesky rule books… :wink:

That ultimately would be my guess… Pretty much not a big deal, but I was “a’wondering” with thoughts coming out of left field in my initial posting.

I’ll post the final outcome so others can learn from my experiences. :wink:

Your medical runs from the date of the exam. No question. The FAA in Ok City renders a finding based on your AME’s paperwork which is dated the date of the exam. Voice of experience…

I concur…

im not too bright, but thats sounds a bit sarcastic, my mom said it even sounds sort of rude.

Just curious, in your experience, how long from exam to certificate issuance? Feel free to PM me if you don’t want to answer publicly. I wouldn’t think in my case that it should take 30 days… But knowing my luck, it will take longer.

Yes, it was sarcastic; not rude but definitely teasing. The following says it directly.

In this case, the only thing that matters is the FARs. Any line of logical inference to answer the question, however reasonable it might be, is a waste of time and effort.

ok fsar enough

For purposes of followup, to no surprise to me, 185Driver, Hypersonic1 and Beechluvr answers were the final results… My next medical exam date will be 08/2011

For those that even think they may have an issue that will cause deferral of issuance, lesson learned from this thread should be start 90 days in advance of the medical expiration to prevent lapse of medical certification.

Part of my delay was due to the AME not transmitting the exam results electronically to the FAA (3 week delay as it took 3 weeks to find this out), my last name being mispelled in the medical certifications department (2 week delay) and the processing of my medical being handled by OK and Atlanta (computers don’t interact with each other!) accounting for the remainder of the delay.

I would think that if you have a condition you are worried about that alone may disqualify you even though there is time left on your current medical.

Absolutely Portjet, but in my case, I was on a blood thinner for 6 months for treatment of DVT a little over a year ago and by the time August rolled around, I was finished with the therapy. At the exam, I had copies of my treatment documentation from day one to the end, and a current medical summary from my treating physician with me.

I checked with FAA to see if that was a disqualifying medication and it was not as long as my INR was stable by the time my medical came due. So, I continued to fly when I knew the INR values were stable and the medication (Warafin and Levonox) was not a disqualifier.

Had it been a disqualifying medication AND OR my INR was not stable, I would not have gone through the medical and just converted to sports.

Don’t get me going on the “honor” system. :wink:

Had I not said anything about this “closed period of treatment” to the AME, walked in, did the exam, I would have walked out of the AME’s office with certificate in hand and this thread wouldn’t have existed.

Ah, yours was a condition that was finished. In that case you are right, get going early.

Years ago I had a medical scheduled with a new to me examiner. Between my schedule and his it was at the end of the month, of course so no rescheduling or I would miss a week long flight to Aspen. The day before the exam a friend called me up and said he was in town lets go to lunch. By 6PM I was in the toilet, spent the night there. Several hours later I’m in the office explaining to the Doctor about my wonderful night. He did the usual poking and prodding but when he got to the stethoscope he almost fainted. Hooked me up the EKG and told me to go home, eat lots of red meat and banana’s and come back tomorrow. The next day I showed up, still not 100% but much better. He hooked me back up, ran a strip, signed my medical and off I went. Three months later I get a letter from OKC reminding me that flying with a known condition was not nice and to go get a report from my cardiologist. Like I had a cardiologist. I went through the phone book and as luck would have it found an ex-Navy flight surgeon cardiologist. He hooked me up and that was the end of that. Several morals to that story. The first being avoid dive hamburger joints near the Thermal airport.

John in Saudi

When the Federal Medical Database is complete will we still fill out the questionaire or will the doctor just access our records electronically. What if you have been omitting apnea or bi-polar for the last ten years? Is this also going to affect Commercial Drivers License holders.