Online FAA 8500 for medical exams


First I have seen this…

My exam next week, ME doc only accepts online 8500. Pretty slick process and MUCH easier than the AOPA online turbo medical. The input form is displayed almost exactly like the paper copy for the most part. Nice validation feature especially for the previously reported no changes (PRNC) medical conditions

About 10 minutes later, I was all done, now with submission confirmation in hand. It was harder creating the durn password than completing the 8500 form.

Guess when I get to docs office, he will access it from there.

Couldn’t find my thread “medical from hell” from two years ago I started or I would have resurrected that for others that may not have seen that thread to learn from.

I hope I got my ducks in order this go-round being on the same blood thinner 2 years ago for a closed period of time for DVT. Being back on the medication (Warafin / Coumidan) is on the FAA approved list, just a matter of jumping through whatever hoops needed for SODA. Got statement from my treating physician for past, present and prognosis so I think this should cover it.


Isn’t it nice that the FAA doesn’t live up to their motto all the time?