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Measuring the whip

I want to cut down the little whip antenna that came with the dongle to 68 mm. I’m assuming I should measure between the tip and the base, where it connects to the feed line. That would include the brass base that the antenna screws onto, i.e., everything included between the arrows in the picture. Is that correct?

Does it really have the copper braid hanging around like that in the base? Not great… If you’re concerned about the last few mm you should add the part that is leaving the shieling too but it’s all pretty low-tech to me…

That is correct. The full length of the element is considered part of the antenna.

It seems like there is much room for improvement with the “ground array” copper shielding snakepit that is jammed in the bottom there. I’m not an expert, but perhaps someone could comment on the best way to improve that situation, which might also improve the reception of the stock antenna.

Something like this might be a significant improvement?:

There’s actually a small metal disk with a magnet that sits below the shielding braid. I like the description “snakepit” - just what it looks like. :laughing: I suspect the disk contacts the braid in its own feeble way and forms the ground plane.

Thanks for the help all. :slight_smile:

Something like this might be a significant improvement?:

Haha. Yes, that’s my preferred antenna. I’m only trying to tune the whip for a mobile use.

Please post back with your results, be interesting to know if it makes a difference :slight_smile: