Mass Taxes?

Any idea why? CAVU day…

boston airspace?

Good… anyone else?

Outstanding warrant?

Used a GPS instead of a E6B for navigation :slight_smile:

Hell…looks like a normal day at the beach to me… ALB.VALRE3 arrival HPN. CAVU day or not. :confused:

Actually its NY approach restrictions - its the only way into LGA and HPN from the north - check here: … tabase.jsp

Unless he’s VFR no one ever flies V3 . . its like V44 over the NJ coastline - the only reason V3 exists is for PANZE intersection for the LGA arrivals.

I think they didn’t want to chance getting pulled over by the Mass Statie helicopter with a nose full of illegal fireworks bought here in NH. (That joke would only be funny to us from NH I guess. When I lived in Mass my neighbor was a Mass Statie and he came home once with his cruiser trunk full of confiscated pyrotechnics seized from cars coming over the NH border. We had one hell of a show that 4th!!! Amazingly there were no noise complaints about the party with the 12+ cruisers parked out front.)

Your friends think they are above the law. Most cops I know do too.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 8)


I think someone just figured it out. :smiley:

It really is unfortunate for the police to seize illegal items from citizens and the steal them from police impound and then use them illegally themselves, and, park their police vehicles in front of their homes to prevent the members of public from reporting the blatantly illegal conduct for which they themselves would be fined or arrested.

Similarly, you see traffic enforcement officers speeding, making illegal lane changes, and using cell phones without any reason to be violating the law.

You see, the police need to be held to the highest standard since they are given the apparent and actual authority and are given the benefit of the doubt by courts and judges everywhere. Yet, every time I hear stories like this it makes me sick because sooner or later the police will no longer be given the benefit of the doubt and assumed to be true by judges and juries and we get less safe. The disrespect for the law that this sort of conduct shows is repugnant to anyone who is a fan of law and order and constitutional liberty and rights.

If a cop is willing to break the law to get decent fireworks, or to speed or not get a traffic ticket because of professional courtesy, it becomes a slippery slope indeed to more serious corruption.

To further the story…

My neighbor (Mass State Police K-9) didn’t much like my classic German sports car with the “loud” exhaust that I had at the time. There were SEVERAL instances when the SAME LOCAL PD OFFICER would pull into my driveway 10 mins after I got home late at night and knock on my door for a “chat” about noise complaints. He would then refer to my neighbor by his first name and proceed to inspect my car in the driveway and “run my info” even though he knew I was clean since the last time he checked a week or so before.

About a year later, “said local PD officer” was “dismissed” from the force for stealing firearms from evidence and selling them at a local gun shop. I say again… “dismissed”, not arrested, or even charged. :imp:

I was coming home from a trip a few months ago, about 0230,and I got pulled over for “Not using my signal.” I hadn’t had a beer in about a week or so, and he was trying to insinuate that I was intoxicated. I got a little irate after the fourth time he asked how much I had to drink, asked for the shift supervisor, and told him I was going to go home now if he was done.

He pulled me over six days later on the first of the month for my registration being out, and gave me a ticket for $300 bucks, then the scum sent my wife a ticket (the car is in her name) a few days later for $300 for allowing an unregistered vehicle to operate… I paid the first one, than went to court for the second one, I used the word “harassment” and the ticket was dropped.

About a week ago I stopped into the local pub after a trip for a sandwich, sat at the bar, and guess who was there, by himself, rather intoxicated, yep my buddy. I sent him a beer and when he looked over I asked him if he wanted me to call a cab for him.

99% of cops are reasonable law abiding citizens but it’s the 1% that makes you sick to your stomach.

As for the OP question, the bottom line is that HPN SUCKS. Look up the BOUNO Four Arrival. Adds like 3 tenths to every flight from the South.

Also look how long it takes to go from ACK-TEB, ACK-PNE. Going from PNE-BOS, you fly a 180 heading for 8 minutes to get to DITCH intxn, than make a 180 degree turn to JFK, makes your blood boil. Just the way the archaic system works unfortunately.

That’s just how we do it in the NorthEast. Pick any airport, and the FAA wil be glad to find you a route that involves at least 4 90-degree turns to get you there!

You think HPN sucks?!? You must not get out much. Either that or you should spend a few weeks flying multiple IFR legs into and out of TEB each day for a little perspective.

Here we go. :unamused: I get out plenty, I’ve done multiple legs to/from TEB more than a few hundred times, about 70% of my trips are out of TEB. HPN sucks because:

1.) All individual releases, 3 planes in front of me = 20 minute + delays
2.) 360 days a year of fog, hence the Indian name White Plains
3.) 365 days a year of unpredictable wind shear on runway 34 (the SOUND Visual to 34 sucks too!)
4.) Winter time it seems to snow a lot more than in TEB, or maybe just better airport ops at TEB
5.) Previously mentioned BUONO 4 Arrival,
6.) Don’t ask me why, but the people I fly out of there seem like bigger jerks
7.) The 30 minute ride to the Crowne Plaza, and the $10 beer at the mall across the street.
8.) The CSR at Landmark, you know the guy I’m talking about

Oh and HPN pretty much shuts down at 2300 and opens at 0600. Doesn’t work real good for a 0600 departure (if you can make it in, re fog)

Pre-Depression, TEB used to be a pain in the ass, but the last 8 months, the longest delay I’ve had is like an hour for weather. They simply have seen the traffic cut in half.

I can assume your jaded because you fly HPN-TEB a lot and you can’t stand having an EDCT to go 10 miles, I hate that too.

DISCLAIMER: For the record I never said TEB didn’t suck!!! I also think I used ACK-TEB as an example on crappy routes.

Ok, so HPN isn’t as easy as some airports, but it doesn’t suck like TEB. :wink: And as for the EDCT times, I’m still torn between the 2 hour wait to get a clearance for a .1 hobbs, and flying a jet VFR , dodging the idiots in Caravans, etc… that are between me and where I need to be.

Just file as a Lifeguard. It makes life so much easier