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Map view enhancement suggestion

Would be nice if there was an option to use a chart overlay for the map view, so we could see the Airways, FIR boundaries, etc. Is this being considered?

Top right hand corner of the map is a pull down that allows you to change the overlay… perhaps you’ve missed it?

Thanks, but that doesn’t go far enough. It doesn’t show the actual airways and FIR boundaries, which is what I’m mainly interested in. Basically what a real aeronautical chart would show. For example: skyvector.com/

Maybe I am missing something here… When I pull up flightaware.com/live/airport/KMHR and select either IFR High or IFR Low, the map looks a whole lot like the one skyvector.com show when displaying World or Enroute selections. What am I missing?

Why not use sky vector then?

For some reason, I only see “Classic” and “Earth View” options. It works for airport views, but not flight views.

And I want to use Flightaware because I want to track the live flight on top of the charts. Skyvector only shows the charts themselves.

OK, what is your system and browser?

The aviation charts are only available in the US - what flight are you looking at?

Can you post the contents of flightaware.com/fix?