Map at certain time


Since you have minute-by-minute positions of aircraft, would it be possible to select a certain time, and see all air traffic that was above a certain point at a certain time?

For example, select 15:30, and then either a lat/long, or a zoomable map, and see what was above at that point in time.


I’m not on the FA staff, so not responsible for implementation of your suggestion. As I understand, you want to be able to see a historical snapshot of all traffic in a certain area at a user-specified past time. I can’t help wondering: What use would that be?


I would use it. I don’t know how many times I have seen an intriguing vapor trail while I was taking the dog out, promising myself I’d check FlightAware to see what it was, then forgetting about it until a couple of hours later. If I could check time plots back (even if only for limited periods into the past) I would be able to figure many of these out. Jan nr CID


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven through my town, and wonder, “Damn, what airline is that?” as a strange 777 banks overhead. It would be great to be able to hop on the computer when I get home and check on FA who it was. There is already, but that only covers select airport areas (mine included), and it would be nice to have this data nationwide.