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Many questions from a french user

We would like to use your API, in order to build an application ,and I need to know :
Do you provide your API in Push mode ?
I mean : would it be possible to receive from you each 30 minutes a list of all flights supposed to take off or to land on a French Airport ?
Or do we need to request airport by airport (or for a list of airports?)
Do you have in your database all french airports , including PTP,FDF,RUN etc…
Do you receive your informations from airports or from centralized Air Control, country by country?
Do you provide a SLA ?

Many thanks for your support !
Best Regards

Push notifications can be used with the SetAlert, DeleteAlert, and RegisterAlertEndpoint methods. Each matching flight will be sent to you as a separate notification when the specified type of event happens (flight plan filed, departure, arrival, etc).

You can also explicitly query activity by specific airport using the Arrived, Departed, Scheduled, and Enroute methods if your application needs to query the current data immediately and not wait for the event to happen.

Our airport database covers most airports around the world that have major airline traffic. Our data comes from multiple sources including the FAA, Eurocontrol, various satcom providers, and our ADS-B network. Some data access is limited to only users that have been granted access by the aircraft owner. There is no SLA available.