Maintenance intervals and required checks on 121 carriers


Can anybody help me with information on required maintenance on commercial jets. I know that a D check is a major overhaul and is due at x hours or x cycles but I do not know the numbers or what is involved. Nor do I know about the other (presumably A B and C checks.
If anyone can point me at an information source it would be appreciated.
I am playing around with aircraft utilization on the Qantas A380 fleet and it looks like their last delivery VH-OQL has just been out of service for an extended period so I am thinking it was a D check.
A combination of FA and flightradar24 is giving good info on their schedules.
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Each manufacturer writes it’s own maintenance manual’s which include intervals as part of the certification process. Some airlines can get a modified plan approved as well. Some intervals are calendar based, some flight hours and some both. I’m not familiar with Airbus but the D checks generally are large (you are right) and therefore only happen once every 4,5,6 8 years or so. (Something like that).
So…if OQL was their latest delivery I rather dount it is down for a D check. Is Qantas making a large interior change…or did they run it off in a ditch?


If you want to know more about a D check, this was posted sometime ago in squawks but I did not find it.
If you have an hour or so…
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Thanks Joel and Porterjet
I found this on YouTube quite easily and it is a good one hour program. They are quoting D Checks at about 6 years for BA and I also checked and VH-OQL was delivered in 2011 so is unlikely to be a D Check. I do not think they parked in a ditch. I would have heard about that!
Learning more every day. Thanks for the help and Happy New Year