Maint. Costs


I have searched all over the internet and can’t seem to find a site that you can compare the annual maint. costs between different aircraft. For example, putting the average maint. costs of a PC-12 vs. Malibu JetProp conversion. Anyone know of a site that does it or an easier way to get info?


PlaneQuest, although I’m not convinced their numbers are correct.


Boy, I’ll say they are way off!

I’d love to get fuel for $2.16/gallon or a hangar for $56/month. If avgas were $2.16 I’d be running my car on it right now! And they didn’t even include an estimate for annual inspection. BUt most of the other number don’t look too far off at a glance, without actually adding up my own costs.


I had the same impression about Planequest – it was probably accurate years ago.