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Looking for paid help with installation

We have Centos 8 installed on our machine and we are looking for help to install a software on this device and being able to read register sent by the airplane. We can pay via upwork, paypal or other means but looking for a professional who can help us bring up the system fast.
If you are interested, please make direct contact with me via email: yosi at whilefly dot com


As both CentOS and Fedora are based on RHEL (Red Hat), the procedure of installing dump1090-fa and piaware should be more or less same.

About 1.5 years ago I could install dump1090-fa on Fedora 28, but got stuck with configuration of lighttpd (dependency of dump1090-fa). Go through this thread, it may provide you some guidance:

Manual Install of dump1090-fa on Fedora 28, x64_86 (Intel PC)