LONG EZ - Nonstop Mojave to Oshkosh?

This seems like a very long flight for this type:

flightaware.com/live/flight/N6CG … /KMHV/KOSH

Maybe that’s why the track ends in northern Colorado. Flight planning/fuel management is critical.

Same thing happened to John Denver in his Long EZ. :bulb:

Just kidding - The Long EZ has a range of about 1,200nm. Mojave to OSH is about 1,400nm. With a good tailwind, and econocruise setting, he might make it.

Don’t forget potty stop management! :slight_smile:



As there is no routing just origin/destination, that looks like flight following across the high terrain to me.

Does that mean there may be planned stops that aren’t showing? I’m still relatively new to FA and not sure how flight following looks different than a traditional flight plan.

There is always the option of getting aux tanks. This is the same aircraft:

To clarify, that’s not the same aircraft that is making the flight from Mojave to Oshkosh, just two different pictures of the same aircraft with and without auxiliary tanks.

My hangar neighbor flew his fixed gear Glasair from Seattle to Sun and Fun non stop. Holds an official record. This is the plane.


That was dumb of him. :confused:

You would say the same thing about;
~Charles Lindbergh.
~Apollo 11.
~Breaking the sound barrier.
~The mile high club.
~The Wright Brothers

Who was the first to accomplish this?

No, I wouldn’t.

Your buddy flew a plastic plane further than it’s supposed to go. Brilliant.

If you think a kit plane flying a long way equals the achievements of the ones you listed above…


Who was the first to accomplish this?

I don’t want to say but her boobs didn’t feel real.

Why don’t you tell us how much fuel it holds, what the fuel burn is at FL210?

Don’t understand why you’re being so dismissive of his friend’s accomplishment simply because of the Glasair’s construction.

Not so much the airplane but the typical kit-plane owner’s mentality that they’re doing something “new” and brave.

The mentioned accomplishment definitely doesn’t rank up there with the other listed achievements.

I don’t see the problem with flying the aircraft itself that far, other than pilot fatigue. How long did it take him, and did he have a relief pilot with him??

He was alone but does have a good 2 axes autopilot Not sure of the flight hours but he departed at 11:00pm pst to arrive at Sun 'n Fun before dark. The attempt did not start until he crossed a Seattle area VOR level FL210. The only issue he talks about was the cold. An engine making 60% power at -20c does not make a lot of heat. He was okay when the sun came up.

Sometimes they are. By your reasoning, once Hillary and Tenzing summited Everest no one else needed to bother repeating their feat.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the Wright flyer can be said to be the ultimate “kit” plane.