Live Data - Connection Issues w/ R Pi over LAN

My PiAware is running right nicely these days… providing good data to FlightAware for a few days now. Unfortunately, I often have connection issues with the Live Data feed from my Pi.

The ADS-B page for my PiAWare often look like:
Data Feed: Live - about 1 minute ago
Feeder Check-in: Live - about 1 minute ago

… but when I try a direct connection (via ip address & port) or through the link on my ADS-B feed page on FlightAware, it refuses to connect.

Any thoughts or suggestions to try?

Can you SSH in? If so, what is your load average? With the new MLAT features, the cpu is working a lot harder. The older Pi’s can get overloaded. I had to change a B+ to a Pi2. I was always averaging above 1 with an overclocked B+ with MLAT.

This is a Raspberry Pi2, purchased in May.

Dump1090 is running at about 19-20% of the CPU. Occasionally, the mlat client will jump up to the 2nd biggest CPU user at around 10% for a second or two before dropping back to about 0.3%.

Are you running several routers?. Intranet connection would require your computer to connect direct to the router serving the Pi. Similarly, both routers would have to be configured for port forwarding (router 1 to router 2 and router 2 to the Pi for remote internet access.

Interestingly enough, I just returned home to find that the Pi was still putting out data, but that I could no longer ssh into it…

Rebooted it (via the ADS-B remote command here on FlightAware), and it’s back to normal.

No to the multiple router question… I’m still focusing on the actual R-Pi, itself as the probable issue… but keep the ideas coming.

Many thanks.

A lot of problems with the Pi are traced back to power issues, either from underpowered supplies (like cell phone chargers) or failed supplies.
What are you using to power your Pi and how much wattage/amperage rating does it have?

Eliminate the hardware side and then it’s easier to troubleshoot software.