Linecrew lady, killed when hangar door falls on her . . .

Gainesville News ex Day Jet hangar.

A University Air Center employee died Monday afternoon following an accident in which a section of a hangar door fell on her.

Cindy Kilgore, 41, was taken to Shands at the University of Florida following the accident, which occurred shortly before 9 a.m., according to Gainesville Police and information provided by the Gainesville Regional Airport.

Kilgore, who worked as an aircraft lineman, and another employee had been moving a plane out of a hangar and were closing the hangar doors, said airport spokeswoman Michelle Danisovszky.

The sliding door is in sections, and one came backward on top of her. It appeared as if it had come off of its hinges, Danisovszky said.

Police were investigating the incident as an accident, said Police Lt. Pete Backhaus.

The incident took place at a hangar located off Waldo Road, northwest of the airport terminal in the general aviation area.

Danisovszky said the hangar had previously been used by Dayjet, but starting this month, it was being used by University Air.

Can tell you from experience that this is not the first, nor second time this same exact door has fallen. Unfortunately the first injury. But the third major injury in this hangar.

One internal bleeding to a sub-contractor, last known serious condition.

One gentlemen fell through a skylight over hangar to the floor. Severely injured.

Plus it was the hangar for the … Dayjet operation.

I think there is a major blackcloud over this hangar!!!