Helicopter whacks hangar door (video)


Video I hadn’t seen before, and I’ve seen MANY helicopter crash videos.
break.com/index/helicopter_w … keoff.html


Or, “How to turn an R44 into scrap metal in one easy lesson!”.

NTSB Summary: Pilot was too lazy to dolly the Robinson clear of the hangar combined with failure to clear overhead.


Dude tried blaming it on the passenger too.
NTSB Report

I ***quickly maneuvered away from the hangar ***building and began to level the aircraft." The helicopter descended to the ramp. The subsequent hard landing caused the skids to collapse and the main rotor to sever the tail boom.

This guy sure has a funny way of saying, “I hit the hangar door and crashed.”


“A ground witness to the accident submitted a video recording of the accident flight. Review of the recording revealed that after the helicopter lifted-off, it paused in a hover for a few seconds and then began to climb out, subsequently contacting the door. No drift toward the hangar building was observed prior to rotor blade contact with the door.”

The prosecution rests.




Ride’s over, huh… :blush:

Well, DUH! …understatement of the year, and it’s only MARCH!