Limited Activity Logs


Hi all,

Due to a technical reason, we’ve had to temporarily limit the number of flights shown in the “Activity Log” on a flight tracking page to the last few days. The complete 4 month history is still available under the “More Past Flights” link – we just have to limit how many are shown on the first page.

Again, this is only temporary, and we are working to resolve it as soon as possible.

Mark Duell


This is resolved now.


That was completely unacceptable. We expect nothing but 100% accurate and useful information, regardles if the FAA is wrong or not. We expect us to be able to find the most obscure flight info we can for the past three weeks. What are we paying for…oh wait, nevermind…

Sorry…just feel like being a smart a$$ today…


Where is the “more past flights” link? I can not seem to find it.



It’s at the bottom of the activity log in the center.


Hey; it’s back. I know it was not there twenty minutes ago. Thanks.