Lifeguard United 139


After takeoff I get but why would a regularly scheduled flight be a lifeguard flight before takeoff?
United 139, the SFO to LAX segment is normally an A 319, today is a B757, just got cleared for takeoff from SFO. Several times they, and the tower, used “Lifeguard United 139” as the call sign.
Those of you with live ATC they should arrive in LAX around 9:45 PST or thereabouts. … /KSFO/KLAX

sorry, make that 1045.


Carrying organs for transplant is a really typical reason.


Makes sense, with the huge delays at SFO this morning it’s possible that is faster than calling flyboy.


Posers- they aren’t the real deal… 8)


True… most Part 121 carriers aren’t, but garter the biggest headlines when something major happens… Case in point: TWA800 was a lifeguard flight. IIRC, they were carrying corneas that were to be used for a transplant to give some people their eyesight back…

Now… Angel Flight on the other hand… those guys do some great work.



And us Lifeguard guys don’t!?!.. :angry:


Don’t Lifeguard get paid to do the work while Angel Flights are strictly voluntary? The Angel Flights pay their own way while the Lifeguard get paid, am I right?


yeah I get paid- I also worked my a*s off during the Haiti earthquake and saved many many life’s.
Angle flights move mostly stable patients. Most of ours are on life-support or are in bad shape.


Not saying that at all. Just that most Part 121 Lifeguard Flights don’t get any recognition unless something happens and the media catches wind of it. Case in point being TWA800. To the general public flying Part 121 carriers, Lifeguard is another revenue-generating flight. We know the work that you do, and it’s great, but how many passengers know that you are carrying precious cargo? If they knew, they would definitely be more appreciative of the work you do. those of us who know, surely do.



Oh sure. You get the big paycheck, fly the newest airplanes with the latest avionics, go to ALL the glamorous spots, and you want a pat on the back too??? Tacky, tacky, tacky… :wink: :wink:


I think what they are trying to say is that people who go out of their way to volunteer for the good of others should get more recognition and praise. WE do have a lot of pilots who volunteer many many hours and give thousands and thousands of dollars out of their pocket just to help others. We do not reimburse them for fuel or their time. When I first joined, I was a volunteer and did what I could. I later back the President and therefore it is a job now, so I put the spotlight on all of our volunteers, as I should. Without them, many people would not get the treatment they need ongoing. Thanks to you all for all the work you so. Blake


OMG!!! Newest airplanes? haha!! You try a 4 hour leg with no lav!!!

@angleflightsouthCEO- Y’all do good work, I was only giving s*it to tyketto at the beginning of this thread and the sarcasm was lost a few posts ago.


You jet jockeys need to pull you heads out of the clouds (pun intended) and get with the latest craze…


Hashtags…making sure useless meanings of messages aren’t lost over the internet since 2009 (or whenever Twitter started).