Las Vegas Shooting

Just wondering how one flight can have 4 records showing takeoff and landing?
It has been suggested that a clone transponder was used to extract a person from the roof of the Daleny in Las Vegas on Oct.1, 2017 at 10:19 via Helicopter.
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The following four flights seem at first glance to indicate one
Furthermore one of the listings for N227WN
And one of the listings for SWA4119 show NO altitude during flight. KTUL to KLAS
Is this a huge mistake or something more nefarious?
As a newcomer I am unable to paste all the links.

N227WN is a tail number; it is associated with a physical aircraft.

SWA4119 and WN4119 are flight numbers, assigned by the airline. Different aircraft might be used for the same flight number over time. SWA is the ICAO prefix, WN is the IATA prefix, but they both identify Southwest. Usually ICAO prefixes are used operationally while IATA prefixes are used when marketing flights to the general public; FlightAware translates between the two where possible. Also note that (especially in the US) a flight number does not uniquely identify a flight leg; the same flight number might be used for several legs.

So the same flight can be identified in several different ways. The author of the article you linked doesn’t seem to understand this.

The duplicated flight leg is because we failed to match up a flightplan with the actual flight for some reason in that particular case; one of the copies is entirely estimated other than departure/arrival times, so has no position / speed / altitude data.

Thank you for the quick response. :grinning:

So, one plane landed at KLAV- tail number N227WN.

Thanks again!