Hello All,

  I am interested in knowing more about this certain flight and it's destination.


You see that it took off from KSTS (Charles M. Schulz Sonoma Co.)

But really, what is FREES to me that looks like a name for a VORTAC or something or other. Could anyone please give me a little info of what this could’ve been? A friend of mine mentioned it could’ve landed somewhere or crashed.

I’d greatly appreciate anyone for an answer to my question.




Likely this was a training flight. Five letter waypoints like FREES are intersections of two navaids. In this case, it’s the intersection of the PYE 334.73/19.03DME VOR and STS 202.49/8.74DME VOR. A flight’s origin and/or destination can be an intersection or other waypoint for logisitcal purposes and then the rest of the flight is conducted VFR.


Thank you very much! I appreciate your prompt reply.

Thanks again!