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Hi, I am using this link http://flightxml.flightaware.com/json/FlightXML2/SearchBirdseyeInFlight?query={> gs 200}. i get the flights that have not started.
Can you please let me know the query/method that i need to access to get list list of flights that are between certain longitudes that are actually in flight.

we are working on a project, where we need to identify these

Add to the query argument of that function:
{true inAir} {range lon 20 30}

Hi bovineone,

My query looks like this, to get all inAir flights with groundspeed more than 200 on US Airspace .

http://flightxml.flightaware.com/json/FlightXML2/SearchBirdseyeInFlight?query={> gs 200}&{true inAir}&{range lon 37 96}
Results i get ,still has flights that are scheduled not the ones that are in Air.

do you see any obvious issue here

There should not be ampersand (&) between the terms in the query.

http://flightxml.flightaware.com/json/FlightXML2/SearchBirdseyeInFlight?query={> gs 200} {true inAir} {range lon 37 96}

i am working with NIFI invokehttp processor where i need to give the RemoteURL.

when i use the link like the way you put it, i get error. that’s the reason for ampersand.

does the ampersand cause it to NOT give correct results ?

The ampersand is used by URL encoding to designate the start of a new named parameter on the GET arguments.

You may need to be encoding all spaces as “+” if your environment is not automatically encoding it for you.

Hi bovineone,

sorry to bother you. i used + like you suggested and put the query in Postman client. Question is,
why do i see data like the below (i get this record,inspite of my query having onair true). This Flight , when i query in flightaware.com is EXPECTED TO DEPART IN OVER 18 HOURS.

I am interested in the data that on air. any suggestion

“ident”: “THA911”,
“prefix”: “”,
“type”: “B773”,
“suffix”: “”,
“origin”: “EGLL”,
“destination”: “VTBS”,
“timeout”: “0”,

Try moving the {true inAir} to be the first term in your query. (When you use ampersand or other invalid characters then that can begin a new argument and everything from that point is likely discarded/ignored.)

You can also try using percent-style hex encoding:


Thanks bovineone.i will try and let you know

we are currently evaluating the Firehose API. initiation command that i use currently is like
private static String initiation_command = "live username abca password 123456 latlong “30 -70 60 -150” ";

is there a way i can get only flights that are truly inAir ? ( you responded to me for FlightXML Api above)

Also , lets say i pick 10 flights to track ( ident ). how often i receive the data related to these 10 flights ? from documentation it looks like 1 position/minute . is that true ?

Thanks a lot

I’ve reached directly regarding the Firehose questions. If you have any additional questions regarding Firehose please feel free to reply to the email thread.