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Keeping the RPi cool does make a difference

Naturally cooled Pi 4 - No temperature issues.

Did your neighbor trim their trees?

If only it were that simple - That particular receiver is remotely mounted, on top of a Martello Tower. It has a clear view in all directions.

I’m surprised you haven’t taken it down to have a look.

Scroll back up to post 51 - We replaced it with a Pimoroni fan shim and it’s much better.

I used to use them, they do a good job.

I used a old pc chipset cooler on my pi4 and the temps really dropped and never really go above 35c



With that much heat-pipe (and fins), does it even need the fan?


I love it, that’s excellent.

/edit - How is it mounted?

is just there with a little thermo paste seems solid and has been on there for a long time,

I had a power cut the other day and the fan didn’t start back up and this was the difference in temps, you can see when i started the fan up again system-localhost-temperature-7d

im running the fan off the pins so only 5v but the fan is 12v so doesn’t always start on its own

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All my Pi’s are running at 50+ °C for several years without any issue.

Pi #1(RPi Model 2): No heat sink, no fan, in plastic case.

Pi #2 (Orange Pi PC): No heat sink, no fan, in plastic case.

Pi #3 (RPi Model 4): small heat sink, no fan, no case.

RPi model 4

@abcd567 i was getting throttling as mine was getting to hot without a case, its in the loft but it does get really hot up there, was looking at cases but found this old cooler and tried it and worked a treat. I had a pi zero before which was fine

Yes, temprature depends where and how you install the Pi.

All my Pi’s are indoor, on floor in living & study rooms, a very good condition ambient temprature wise.

Others who install Pi in attic or loft or on roof/mast, exposed to direct sunlight, have to provide means of additional cooling.

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Outdoor enclosure. Fan from an old Radeon graphics card. 5v USB powered. Perfect size for the Pi.


Looks like you live in the desert like I do judging by the soil, rock and daily spikes. Tough to keep anything cool when there have been 145+ days now being 100f (~38c) or above this year. :woozy_face:

I grabbed one of these for my next enclosure build: