Just got approved for ADS-B in N. Canada...very excited!

How long from shipping until you receive it? Hopeful that between my husband and I we can install it. :slight_smile:

As a constant sky watcher, we are excited and I also work in a Grade 5 class that has been using the FlightAware app to see what planes are overhead at recess. Two boys have started calling themselves “The Flight Watchers” and I am hopeful that we can gather more kids and instill an excitement about the world of air travel.

Welcome aboard!
One more Canadian feeder.

Wait… so in Canada you have to have government permission to feed to FlightAware?

Yes, that’s it. You also have to speak Québécoise…

Since in Canada no government approval is required to install ADSB receiver, or to feed data, the “approved for ADS-B” most probably refers to the approval of Flightaware to give them Fligtaware equipment (Receiver, antenna, coax etc).

Yes, abc is right. I meant that we had approval from FlightAware for a unit to be shipped. :wink: It appears from the map they really need feeders in N. Canada. I heard back initially within 2 hours and got approval after I sent them our photos in less than 12. Speedy! Hope the box gets here as quick. :wink: And I hope we can get it up before the snow flies!


Congratulations on your approval! What a great experience for the kids as well. Once setup, you will be able to load up your own map overlay to show them real time data as they look to the skies in awe. :smiley:

Don’t fear the setup, if you can change a light bulb, you are all set. The instructions are concise and simple to follow.

welcome to flight aware.

CANADA as on October 3, 2016
Total feeders = 363
Rank = 5


Considering the area Canada covers, compared to the U.K., Germany and the Netherlands, I guess there is room for a few more feeders there! :slight_smile: Welcome to FA.

Congratulations on getting functional!!
Hopefully all that snow that not just flew, but landed, will melt away quickly so that you can get the antenna up and outside.

Yes, folks. Saskatchewan had an early blast of snow.