Jetstar Airways JST

Trying to search for flights using the JST code and flight number doesn’t come up with any results. The website seems to think JST stands for “Japan Universal System Transport” even though it’s assigned to jetstar airways out of Australia. … icao_j.htm"

We’ll update that, although Jetstar doesn’t have any flights in our service area.

Several of their Australia - Japan flights go though Guam Center’s airspace and those would get tracked. I haven’t nailed it down, but sometimes flights get tracked though Oakland’s FIR. Such as these ones. … /YSSY/RJAA … N/tracklog

Incidentally a JST diverted to Guam last night … t.yPgb45Ig

The issue is that foreign carriers (and registrations) are on an opt-in basis for the feed we get from the FAA, and Jetstar probably hasn’t opted in.

This brings up another question. Would CMI (Continental Micronesia) be considered a US based airline (as they are pretty much a regional carrier for COA)? If so, would they be included in that feed you get from the FAA?

I’m asking, because a lot of their routes also pass through PGUM, PGSN, and the like. Lastly, would this help with getting coverage in the South Pacific, or at least in the PGUM CERAP?


CMI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Continental. It is by no means even close to being a “regional carrier for COA”. Not unless your definition of regional includes large aircraft (B767-400, B737-800) and flights that are over 7 hours long. CMI has flights to from Honolulu to Guam (both non-stop and a mutli-stop service) and flights from Guam/Saipan to Asia and Australia.

Its flights are included by default in FlightAware. Here’s a few: … /YBCS/PGUM … /RJAA/PGUM … /PGUM/PHNL … /PTPN/PTKK

Perfect. What I was thinking was that CMI wasn’t part of mainline COA, so on their site they may have the route, but has a blurb beside it saying ‘Continental flight operated by Continental Micronesia’ or something like that. It makes it look like it is another carrier altogether handling it for COA (like how ASH does some routes for AWE). So even as a subsidiary, to the normal traveler, it looks like it’s operated by someone else entirely.


In practice CMI flights are tracked. However the way the track is displayed on the map often gets messed up. Especially on flights like CMI1 & 2. A lot of flights though Guam Center’s airspace are tracked some even appear to be tracked throughout the the Oakland FIR. Until I brought up the issue above I didn’t realize it was required the foreign carriers opt in. It seems most have "opt’ed’ in. Some that are available include KAL, QFA, AAR and ANZ. … /YSSY/RKSI … /RJAA/YSSY … /RKSI/PGSN … /RJBB/NZAA