Jeannette Symons Maine Crash


Jeannette and her 10 year old son Balan completed a ski camp week at Sugarloaf, and on Friday 2/1, they drove to the Augusta State Airport (KAUG) to her Cessna Citation 525 in a rain/freezing rain storm. She refused de-icing on the plane; slid off the taxiway into a ditch, and departed at 5:45 PM in the midst of the storm. At 3000’ she declared an emergency and crashed into the ground in West Gardiner, Maine, about 10 miles from the airport, killing both.


Whoa, let me get this straight???

She refused deicing in a potential icing situation
She slid off a taxiway **into a ditch **WITHOUT damage???

and she still took off after sliding into a ditch without substantial damage???

Something not quite computing in my simple mind :open_mouth: