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JAX ARTCC comms failure

And when Comms (Radio AND telephone) go out, here’s the result:

More info: Jacksonville ARTCC Back Up Following 50-Minute Comm Failure | Aero-News Network

Man and I WAS on a roll with 200+ planes from time to time today! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’m puzzled. You show a screenshot from today but the article you have linked is over 13 years old (from 2007). Are you saying there was another comms failure today ?

I’m in Jax today and you’re right, the traffic was way up today and all of a sudden it went to almost nothing and all the planes seemed to flying in a single file formation all heading north…

I changed my feed line and rebooted the Raspberry PI and nothing changed.

I thought it was just me that was having an issue.

Crap, no and yes. I didn’t realize the article was old–I googled for news and that popped up. Apologies to all, but YES, JAX dropped off the air today as well, and this is the result. Nice chain almost over my head, but man… traffic dropped like a rock.

OKay… here’s the RIGHT one… Routine cleaning for COVID-19 related issue. But they shut it down…

Should come back online now. 1800 Local, 2300 GMT

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Much better distribution now…19:30 local, 00:30Z

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