Is It Possible to Avoid Military When Becoming ATC?


Wondering if you can avoid going into the military while trying to become an air traffic controller?
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There is no requirement to be current or former military to become an ATC. You do, if you are under a certain age, have to be registered for Selective Service.

Whatโ€™s wrong with being in the military?


Here is a rundown from about controller positions and how to apply.

In the โ€œold daysโ€ lots of controllers had military experience, but the percentages have lowered slowly over time. (A decent percentage of controllers came in โ€œoff the streetโ€, as it was called, with no special ATC experience at all.) In the last decade or so, several colleges have been in the business of providing ATC training programs that lead to a degree, but those graduates still have to apply to the FAA and make it through the training program.


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