FAA Job site


The FAA is begining to recurite controllers.

You can read all about it HERE

Here is a little of what you’ll find there. In reality, it’s a good job. I would love to do it but I’m 33 know and to old to apply.

Duties: As a new air traffic control specialist, you will spend your first several weeks of employment in an intensive training program at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City, OK. While attending academy training you will be on a temporary appointment. Upon successful completion of the Academy initial training program and other employment requirements, you will continue your training at your assigned FAA facility on a permanent appointment at a salary of $39,073 including a locality payment of 20.97%. As a new controller you will receive pay increases as you successfully complete the progressive phases of controller training at your assigned facility with a potential to earn up to $55,767 - $77,149 depending upon the location. Terminal controllers control air traffic at airports and give pilots taxiing and takeoff instructions, air traffic clearances, and advice based on their own observations and information from the National Weather Service, Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCCs), flight service stations, pilots, and other sources. They transfer control of aircraft to the ARTCC controller when the aircraft leaves their airspace, and they receive control of aircraft coming into their airspace. Upon successfully completing training and passing all required evaluations established by the Air Traffic Organization you will be given a permanent appointments at a Terminal facility at Boston Logan Air Traffic Control Tower, Bedford Air Traffic Control Tower, or Cape TRACON at the appropriate pay level.
**Minimum Qualifications **: Prior experience or training in air traffic control is not required. You may qualify for this position on the basis of work experience, college education, or a combination of work experience and college credits. To qualify based upon work experience, interested individuals must have three years of progressively responsible experience that demonstrates the potential for learning and performing air traffic control work. Progressively responsible experience might include for example: an increase in leadership duties, working with less supervision, or an increase in financial responsibility. Progression of responsibility must be documented in detail on your application. You are encouraged to include any experience that is directly related to the air traffic control occupation. To qualify based upon education, applicants must have a full 4-year course of study leading to a bachelor’s degree. You may also qualify by combining your work experience and college credits; one year of undergraduate study (30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours) is equivalent to 9 months of general work experience. The maximum entry age for these positions is 30 years of age i.e., you must be hired prior to reaching your 31st birthday. Individuals in these positions are covered by the air traffic controller special retirement program; air traffic control specialists are subject to mandatory separation at age 56. Successful candidates must be able to speak English clearly enough to be understood over radios, intercoms, and similar communications equipment.


Link didn’t work. I have a 4 year degree in Aviation, and want to be a controller with a passion! I’m going back to college for another year to graduate again from an FAA accredited college so I can get in. Sucks that I have a commercial pilots license with multi-engine and instrument ratings, and all I want to do is get a job being a controller!!!


Try THIS and select FAA Career Opportunities. Then search under non-federal employees. There you will find multiple listings.

You DO NOT need to go back to college, the FAA will send you to their school in OK city.


Thanks for the heads up, I’m admitted to the new college, but I’ve applied to a few open positions that I found sifting through the jobs link on the FAA’s site. I’m crossing my fingers, that I can just get into the system! Stinks to have a dream of being a controller, have a B.S. in Aviation and still can’t get in!


…just got accepted into ATC-CTI II program for next fall :smiley: another controller on the pipeline

im aiming for center though :open_mouth:


I went through the CTI program and also graduated with a minor in Air Traffic Control. Unlike many of my friends, I did not pursue a career in ATC. I’m grateful now seeing that several of them across the country our quitting due to issues with Unions and FAA bureaucracy stunting their growth potential.

If you guys interested in being controllers are sharp enough to make it in ATC, then you’re probably also well qualified to work with a private organization, and most likely better off.


Gov’t pension and retirement at 56, Hello.


Got any leads? :slight_smile:


For controllers it’s 20 years @ age 50, or 25 years @ any age. When I have 25 years I’ll be 8 months from my 50th birthday. Oh well only, 18,023 days to go.


I thought it was manditory at 56, with exceptions made for experience/need.


yes mandatory is by 56, but you are eligible to retire before that.


You can also apply to stay on after 56. If I’m making $170K+ a year, I’d want to stay as long as they’d let me… then again 31 years of controlling probably plays its toll on you


Or, if you’re a New York Center controller, you can work 4 hours out of your 8 hour shift, take 150% of your sick days, and make $300,000 a year!!!

Seriously though, thanks to the controllers who help us everyday.


Here is a pension question - What happens if you leave government employee before you reach the requirements? The Army pension is just stupid. They know a huge amount of people will never make 20 years and they get little or nothing. I saw a Lt. Col. get forced out due to a huge cut in Col’s get 120k and a thank you. 2 more years and he would have got about 45k per year for life with benefits.

I hope you guys do have passion, because you will invest a lot to become a controller and then enter a government lottery to see if you can avoid getting caught up in things mostly out of your control to stay.

I will take a 401k over a pension any day.