iPhone App.

Thank you for creating an iPhone application! Love the potential usefullness of it, if it would stop crashing as soon as I open it.
Of course I have the latest updates for the 3G and have rebooted to see if that may have been the problem, but it still crashes. I would love to give you some feedback on it if I could get it up and running.

I noticed no one else has started a thread about the app. since the announcement. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Advanced Thanks to FlightAware for your attention to this issue.

Also, Thank You for making this site everything it is. I’ve been a member since 2006 and have used it since 2005. I’ve seen a lot of changes and all for the better! You guys are so innovative, open to suggestions and change. Please don’t change that!


Thanks for the feedback. We’re aware of the crashing issue with some 3G(S) devices, but we haven’t been able to resolve it yet.

There’s an official iPhone app thread somewhere around here…

Thanks for the Iphone app…I just loaded it and it seems to work well. once I’ve used it a little, I will provide more feedback…it hasn’t crashed on me…yet!

Perhaps you meant this?
discussions.flightaware.com/view … 8&start=25
Modern history (mid-Oct 2009) starts partway down the 2nd page, so that’s where I pointed the link.

I have the app on an iPhone 2G and I also experience crashes and inconsistency within the app.

Many times when I pull up a previously-viewed flight from the history list it will tell me not departed even when I know for a fact that the flight is in the air. 90% of the time the map doesn’t load, and the app crashes every other time I load it.

It’s a great idea and would be a very useful app if it were more stable. I’m going to hold on to it in hopes there is an update released soon.

We resolved the issue with the bigmap making the app crash.

Closing this thread since the link to the iPhone app thread is provided above.