I was going to fly into DeKalb today to visit a fraternity brother who now goes to NIU and noticed when briefing myself on the possible the approaches that this one has no IAF … 050IL2.PDF

It looks like an IAF is not needed because vectors will always be given to intercept the localizer as denoted by “RADAR REQUIRED”??

I scrubbed the flight because given I have classes and work Monday I HAVE to get back and there are suppose to be some moderately low ceiling rollin in tonight… not a problem except throw some ice in the mix with high tops and I could be SOL in my dinky 172

The initial approach fix and the intermediate fix are combined. It is a radar fix identified by the 12.8 DME on the LOC. When they are combined there is no need for an initial approach segment, so you’re right, it is radar vectors only, to intercept the LOC outside the IF.

There are many like this throughout the country!