InFlightInfo Problem

I’m attempting to gather inflight info for specific tail numbers. When calling InflightInfo() I’m receiving the following error.

wrong # args: type InFlightAircraftStruct contains "
ident string
prefix string
type string
suffix string
origin string
destination string
timeout string
timestamp int
firstPositionTime int
longitude float
latitude float
groundspeed int
altitude int
heading int
altitudeStatus string
updateType string
altitudeChange string

Here is the code I’m using to gather the inflight info.

DF.Credentials = New NetworkCredential(“XXX”, “XXX”)
DF.PreAuthenticate = True
Dim ifas As InFlightAircraftStruct = DF.InFlightInfo(“MYTAILNUMBER”)

The documentation states the only needed parameter is the tail number. Why am I getting the error?

Thanks for any assistance.

It appears the error occurs if the specified tail number is not currently in the air. I passed a seperate tail number of an aircraft that is currently in the air and the call to InFlightInfo() was successful.