Incomplete Results with 'GetHistoricalTrack'


I’m having an issue with GetHistoricalTrack function , I get incomplete result for some flights , an example would be flight :FDB8639 , I tried several faFlightID and they all have same problem , I tried the followings :
FDB8639-1465450085-airline-0006:0 and FDB8639-1465277326-airline-0263:0 , they get about 70% of data , and always the last position is (20.9005298615,38.1993598938)
But if check with getlasttrack I get full data with final position on “Khartoum Int’l” (15.59036,32.55315,).



Have you compared the data with what is shown on our webpage for that flight?

FDB8639-1465450085-airline-0006 is … S/tracklog

FDB8639-1465277326-airline-0263 is … S/tracklog

Note that projected positions are not returned by GetHistoricalTrack/GetLastTrack.