inbound/outbound numbers missing for airports?


i was wondering if that’s something that’s todays problem, or something i would find in discussions. which i didn’t … for instance no total inbound/outbound #'s for ORD or ATL. is this a temporary glitch?


The graphs for both airports appear to be working fine.

Where are you expecting to see the total number of inbound/outbound flights?


I notice if I select the “nation wide” map for any airport (tried ORD, CVG, STL) it has 0 flights- The local map seems fine.


i click on nationwide(on indiviual city) and get 0 … after i look at local airport map and then i click nationwide (total number of flights inbound and outbound to that airport ) i don’t get the totals…inbound/outbound??? I’m talking the total inbound/outbound flights per indiviual airport. i’ll go to ORD and under the local map of flights into ORD i can click nationwide and get like 134 inbound and 155 outbound, that feature isn’t working???


Oops. Should be fixed now.


it didn’t work earlier and now it just came up… thanks.