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Improving MLAT reception & aircraft dropouts

Hi. Okay I know I’m asking about two topics here but I’m wondering if both could be related to gain. My MLAT numbers they seem a bit low compared to others in the same area and would like to see improved numbers in general. The other issue is when some aircraft fly over they drop off the screen completely, typically helicopters though some planes too. Could both of these issues be related to a gain? Is there a particular app that people like that I can use for checking and adjusting check gain levels?

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The second question can be answered with yes in most of the cases. Which gain setting do you have?

Did you install the graphs1090 script, so you can monitor your message rate? There is one indicator regrading the “noise” level. With ths you can find the gain setting.

If you reduce the gain too much, it might work, but will have an impact to your range. In this case you might need a filter too, depending on your location.

You can read more about it in the link below
For the MLAT question, you might need to wait for the experts here-

This is the page for the graphs:

And a longer discussion about filtering