IFR route analyzer


I love the new IFR route feature you added to resources. One request:

There seems to very few low-altitude routings shown; most of the routes I see are for jet aircraft (above FL180).

Can you provide more low-altitude routings, or give us the choice to check a box for above/below FL180?

Thanks, great site!



Most below FL180 flights are flying VFR, and therefore don’t file flight plans, and don’t show up here.


Since Flight Aware doesn’t track VFR flights, what difference does that make?

There are plenty if piston IFR flights that the analyser can extract data from I would think??



If you’re not finding enough results, try nearby airports. There are certainly fewer low-altitude aircraft flying IFR, so there will be fewer results.


I thought this had been a feature for quite a while now. Did I miss an announcement about improvements to it?


It was one of the original features although if you’ve missed it, it’s new to you!


Good point!


Let’s think about this. All VFR flights fly below FL180. Most IFR flights fly above it. Since this site doesn’t track VFR flights, which altitude do you think you’re going to see more of? Seems to make a big difference to me.


I think we are trying to say the same thing???

I was trying to bring out that VFR flights are not a factor in the equation.

**You were the one to bring up VFR flights in your initial response. ** Please re-read your original response.

VFR flights do not change the ration of IFR above or below FL180. Yes, you will see more high altitude routes because there are more heavies then pistons in the full scheme of the IFR system.