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How useful would these dump1090-fa enhancements be?

I’m not sure how many people use dump1090/view1090’s interactive mode but I use it a lot when tuning and testing. To help with that, I’ve made a few enhancements and I wanted to gauge interest before submitting a pull request…

 Tot:  18 Vis:  18 RSSI: Max  -4.6+ Mean -19.1 Min -28.0-  MaxD:  222.3nm+
 Hex    Mode  Sqwk  Flight   Alt    Spd  Hdg  Dist(nm) Bearing  RSSI  Msgs  Ti
 AA1BA3 S2    2647  SKW2979  37000  443  179   222.3+      65  -28.0-  228  0
 A50323 S2ac  5117  AIP1814   5200  164  001    26.3       73  -24.8   376  1
 AAAB73 S2a   5161  LYM1430   8575  159  337    26.7       60  -17.1  2155  0
 A50F46 S2a   5155  LYM3418   8900  228  241    17.5       67   -4.6+ 2873  0
 AA63E3 S2a   5151  LYM1180  11025  176  260    15.5       65   -6.3  3395  0
  • There’s a summary line at the top with aircraft counts, max, mean and min RSSI and max distance.
  • A new option --interactive-show-distance shows aircraft distance and bearing instead of lat/lon. You can change distance units with --interactive-distance-units. Of course, you have to specify a reference --lat --lon for this to work.
  • The aircraft with the greatest distance is marked with a + and the aircraft with the highest and lowest RSSI are marked with a + and - respectively.
  • You can limit the aircraft shown with the --interactive-callsign-filter option which takes a callsign prefix (actually a regular expression) and shows only those aircraft with callsigns that match. In dump1090’s case, this only limits what’s shown in the interactive display and not what’s written to files or the network.

Thoughts? Interest? Anything else that could be helpful while I’m there?


did you take a look at tar1090, the alternative interface?
It’s developed by @wiedehopf, maybe he has some interest in getting your suggestions implemented.

Of course and I run it as well as graphs1090. I’m talking about the console output from dump1090 and view1090 though. tar1090 isn’t really geared for real-time analysis, especially if you’ve got multiple SDRs going at the same time.

Here’s what my desktop looks like right now. :slight_smile:


Happy to merge this if you want to create a PR. I use view1090 for much the same purpose.


Tar1090 is the only one I use now.

Pull request submitted!

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