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How to trace USB traffic in peripheral or OTG mode?

I’ve set up a Raspbian Jessie on a Raspberry Pi Zero to use USB OTG with the dwc2 module. What I’d like to do now is sniff incoming USB traffic on the peripheral side . I found and tested the usbmon kernel module, but it (apparently, to the extent of my limited knowledge) doesn’t seem to work: nothing is recorded. Krogerfeedback

For testing purposes, I tried the exact same thing on the host side (another computer on Linux) and I can successfully trace USB data with usbmon . Unfortunately, this is not what I need.

In conclusion: is it possible ? And if yes, how? Can I use usbmon or do I have do to something else (e.g. recompile kernel with specific options)?

This is a question probably better directed at the Raspberry Pi forums