So I thought I would give it a try. So I installed MINIBIAN (JESSIE) on my SD card. I was able to get everything up and running with no issues. I was able to install Piaware, Dump1090-mutabilty and the graphs with no issues. I would have to say since this image doesn’t have a GUI on it, it does run pretty fast. It installed everything pretty quick. So I am going to try this out for awhile. :smiley:

I installed Wheezy-Minibian (2015-02-15) on my Pi B and added a few utility apps, piaware and dump1090-mut. That was back in August and have had no issues at all. Really like the fact is uses so little space on a memory card, boots very fast and you can image the card quickly. I do any upgrades or additions to my “official” version on a 2 GB card then image to a larger card and expand using raspi-config.

Glad to hear about the new Jessie version but will probably not upgrade until I find a foolproof set of instructions as I don’t want to have to start from scratch to use the Jessie version.

Hi guys,
Have either of you got wireless working with Minibian?

I’ve just installed “Full fat” Jessie onto an 8Gb SD card fitted into a Model B RPi but it is a bit slow to load so interested in Minibian. I intend to use this Pi for monitoring the temperature and humidity in one of my bee hives so need wireless. I’ve just bought a Powerbank from Aldi for £9 so testing how long the Powerbank keeps running.

Something strange.

My RPi B+ and RPi Model2 both had full fat Wheezy.
Model2 booted and behaved much faster than B+.

Recently I formatted both microSD cards & installed full fat Jessie.
Now both B+ & Model2 are faster, but improvement in B+ is amazing. Though still slower than Model2, the B+ is now much closer to Model2 than before.

The size of both microSD cards is 8GB…oops 8Gb (GB= Great Britain, Gb= Gegabyte :smiley:)

Have either of you got wireless working with Minibian?

Here are my somewhat cryptic notes from when I first installed Minibian several month back:

“…Wifi working but needed to modify /etc/network/interfaces file to wlan2 from wlan0 which changed when I installed the old ralink wifi adapter. Also see /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules. (Deleted file and rebooted)…” Strongly suggest saving a copy of the original file in case this doesn’t work for you.

Apparently I changed wifi adapters which led to connection issues.

Wish I could provided a step-by-step and a better explanation, but the above may offer some clues.

May thanks but not to worry, I’ll see if I can sort it out. I will post here if I get anywhere.

The powerbank runs for at least 7 hours. I got bored waiting for it to run down :unamused:

Look this URL over for wireless … ial-setup/

I have an Anker Astro E5 battery pack and I was able to run the RPi B for about 16 hours. Really helpful since we are in a rural area with occasional power outages. So I think you’ll be happy to have the powerbank.

Been there & done that :wink: I’ll have a fiddle with wpa_supplicant.

We are also in a very rural area and we’ve had a short power outage this evening due to a storm passing through.