How to tell planes apart

How do you tell an a330 from a 767? a 737 from an a320? a 747 from a a340?

study pictures of them on the Internet and in books.

A330 has winglets. 767 have no winglets or Blended winglets. It is also smaller than the A330.

The 737 has Blended winglets while the A320 has wing fences.

The 747 has a hump while the A340 doesn’t.

Like I said, the best way is to look at pictures of the aircraft.

whats the difference between wing fences, winglets, and blended winglets

Here’s how I tell most apart.

B737 vs. A320: Wingtip fences vs. blended winglets. snubbed tail vs. coned tail. A320’s landing gear are further apart on the body of the plane.

A330 vs. B767. Winglets vs. blended winglets. The A330’s winglets resemble more of the winglets on a B744, while the B767’s winglets look like the B737’s. The rear landing gear on an A330 has the rear wheels further back from the front wheels.

B747 vs. A340. The hump is already mentioned. The A330 also has a middle trunk with the rear landing gear, like the DC10 has.

Telling the different models of each aircraft is funner.


but what is the differecne between winglets and blended winglets


Blended Winglets

Notice how on the B744, the winglet just points out at an angle directly from the wing. The B737 has the winglet blending in with the wing, arcing with it.


READ the links I gave above and have repeated below:

How do you tell an a330 from a 767? a 737 from an a320? a 747 from a a340?

I agree with what most of the responses stated. Familiarize yourself with photos. A lot of people tend to look at the winglets. I usually glance at the nose of the aircraft.

Boeing aircraft have a very distinct nose. It looks a little more sculpted and muscular…

While Airbus have a more rounded nose. Bland… Just there.

And Embraer… Embraer aircraft look like Boeing and Airbus had a child together. An Airbus face with a Boeing body. :mrgreen:

If all else fails, just ask someone nearby.

I’ll agree on the Embraers, with the exception of the E135s/E145s. the nose on those two look like what you get when Klinger and Hawkeye Pierce from Mash get together with the Wicked Witch of the West and had a lovechild.


This book is pretty outdated by now and doesn’t include a lot of the newer models but it helped me in my childhood years…

A field guide to airplanes of North America

And yes, it has a big oops on the cover :unamused: .

what is a nacelle

The aerodynamic structure that surrounds the engine.

Please stop asking the same question in different forums. … 4687#84687

!!! :open_mouth: :astonished:
YES! One of the first books I owned. I remember it had the Fairchild NGT (Next Generation Trainer) in it, looked like a single empenage twin tail A-37, and I always wanted to see them.
My version was the one before it included helos.
Awesome book, that and my Modern Airlines field guide that included tails, description and fleet for most airlines. Ahh, the salad days! :wink:

Oh, and the oops, I now know I wasn’t the only one who saw that. That drove me nuts (5-16) 8) :wink:

I just noticed another oops in the edition on your link, it wasn’t in my edition…I don’t know if it was an oops, but definitely has me wondering what it was about,
the Metro II and III has an alternate tail which was a T-tail and it looks like a Brasilia almost! :open_mouth: Weird!

737s fly over water…

A320s float in it…