How to see scheduled flights of a certain A/C type?


Is there a way to see all scheduled but not yet departed flights of a certain type. I know flight aware only shows flights that have an IFR plan on file. The “track by type” function seems to list only those aircraft which are in the air right now, and not list those which have filed flight plans but are not yet wheels up.

For instance, say I wanted to see all PC12s which have filed a flight planincluding those that are not yet wheels up, is this possible to do?


That’s a good question Nealoc. The Airport Activity page lists the planned En-route and Departure flights and the Track by Tail # page shows scheduled upcoming flights for that AC, including AC type. I don’t know why those planned flights are not shown on the track by type page too. It may be a space issue since showing all of the planned flights for say a B737 could take up a LOT bandwidth :slight_smile: