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How to figure out what I did here and how to do it again?!

Hi all grabbed an AirSpy Mini a few days ago and added it to my setup, replaced the orange FA stick and left in the bandpass filter whilst awaiting an Uputronics LNA. I swapped a few things around like removing and added the band pass filter but after one swap my messages just went down… When I initially added the AirSpy and left in the band pass filter I was up at 1200 messages for 3 days then it went down, I haven’t moved the aerial but I have connected and disconnected cables at the other end and now (Like 1 hour ago) added the Uputronics LNA and removed the band pass filter and tried to get my signal right but that’s to monitor over the future… The issue now is getting it back to how it was for those 3 days. You can see it here on my 14 day chart in the centre:

When did you attach the Airspy? Was it on Friday 18th?

Maybe that causes it. Check everything again

Is your power supply sufficient enough? Such things can also be caused by a bad power supply

Yes, Friday 18th.

Not sure what it could be, perhaps power indeed but I’m using one that meets the requirements, I fitted the LNA today so I checked all cables are nice and secure at the Pi side.

Not sure if my signal chart helps, I’m currently running 17 gain on the AirSpy to get roughly -30 on the weakest

The message rate per aircraft is unrealistic.
It’s likely the messages were somehow duplicated (for example 2 network connections between airspy / dump1090-fa).

Your FA stats don’t seem to match that message rate chart. Positions reported decreased consistently from the 19th. This makes sense because the Orange stick had an amplifier, your Airspy does not (until you added the Uputronics today). It looks like positions reported stats are recovering since you added the Uputronics: Jamie Brown ADS-B Feeder Statistics - FlightAware

Unless you had a lot of station offline time, I would expect those 3 high message rate days to show as same ore more positions reported in your FA stats page. I’m not sure what’s behind those 1200 messages p/sec for three days, but your station looks back and happy over the past few hours!

I think wiedehopf may be right, I had dump1090-fa running most likely, I remember changing something that was maybe uninstalling or other, that makes a lot of sense now!

That’s usually the case! :slight_smile: