How to contact a Photographer?

Is there any way to contact a photographer directly?

My office is interested in using some photos taken by one of the photographers on this site, and I don’t see any way of getting a message to him. We’re more than willing to compensate him.

Am I missing something obvious?


Please contact us

I was already familiar with your ‘contact us’ page - and it advised me to use the discussion forum. So pointing me to that was not particularly helpful.

I take it - from your half-sentence response, that you do not encourage members of this site to be reachable by anyone for any reason? Go to virtually any other site and it involves clicking on a link to ‘send a message’. Why is that not possible here?

Hi, ** DCDan **.

Sorry my (full) sentence reply within five minutes only passed the buck to our helpful customer service staff that’s here every day from 8am to 8pm, ET, 5 days a week to facilitate things like this for you. :wink:

What can I do for you? Is the problem the lack of a messaging feature or is it that you can’t buy the photo online? Do you want us to tell the photographer to contact you? How do you want to be contacted? Can we release your email address? What photo do you want? What size do you want it in? How do you want it distributed? What license are you looking for? Are you in the US? Do you have a credit card? When do you need it?

Please let me know. Thanks.

If users could contact the photographers, I’d probably tell him to get his money up front because “DC DAN” seems like a bit of a prick.

Despite appearances to the contrary, I did not join the site to engage in a debate or argument with anyone - not even from an uncolicited individual who stepped into a converation for the purpose of calling me a “Prick”.

The problem is not only the lack of a messaging feature, but what appears to be a heavy-handed need for you to prevent a photographer from being asked about his own photos.

Your own policy states the following:

**Image Ownership - The owner/submitter of any content continues to retain ownership to the submitted content. **

But it seems that you are imposing a block between a viewer and the photographer so that you can sell his photos instead of him selling them? That’s not a crack - it’s an honest question.

If you are going to be in the business of co-owning people’s photos (after telling them that they retain ownership) and running a photo-sales business, why not install a “buy photo” button adjacent to each image? Maybe the runaround and snarky answers are easier?

I’ve just found the same photographer on, and he is contactable on both of those sites. So I won’t be needing any more of this ‘help.’ Thanks.

I’m guessing you didn’t call. :slight_smile:

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