How to contact a member

How do I contact one of the photo submitters? I have done a username search but they haven’t posted anything in the forums.

I’m not 100% sure about this, but I would imagine that the webmasters have set it up to where that is not an option. I’ve looked into this many times and have never found a way - unless they post something in a forum (where you can then PM the submitter). I believe the reason for this is because there are several high-profile members that use FA (CEO’s, Celebrities, Nascar drivers, etc…)
Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.


Why not PM a FA staff member and ask them to “forward” your letter to them to establish dialogue with the photographer.

That’s of course if an email was provided on account setup for re-contact?

Food for thought anyway.

You can send them a message in the forums, but otherwise we don’t offer any way for members to contact other members.

Hmm, okay thanks. :confused: :frowning:


Try looking on some of the other photo websites. Chances are they use the same user name. I would think.

Worth a look anyway.