How many hours did it take you to solo and what type plane?

I’m a nubie to these forums so sorry in advance if this has been covered before.

6.1 in a Cherokee 140

About 13.5 in a C-152. Out of a 2600’ strip too :smiley:

14 in C172

10 in an inertia start PT-17. Only reason it took that long was because I had to wait for my 16th birthday, so I just kept flying with an instructor until I got there.

Well ya if Wrights’ had been my instructors I’m sure I would have learned much more quickly too. :laughing:

Boy that was uncalled for. I’m sorry :blush:

Not sure that’s true:

In 1908, passenger flight took a turn for the worse when the first fatal air crash occurred on September 17. Orville Wright was piloting the plane. Orville Wright survived the crash, but his passenger, Signal Corps Lieutenant Thomas Selfridge, did not. The Wright Brothers had been allowing passengers to fly with them since May 14, 1908.

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9 in a PA-28 but soloed gliders first back when I was 15. Now I never get to fly enough, the hours just don’t seem to rack up like I want them to. Damn you expensive hobby!!!

12 in a C152.

Well, it wasn’t Orville, but my instructor’s original instructor DID learn from him!

I absolve thee, now go and sin no more. :wink:

Ooo, pops, you are really old! er- I mean wise. :smiley:

Warrior - [PA28-160] 10.7

now the first time I really felt like a pilot was flying my first instrument flight in actual with other people in the airplane.

The first time I realized that I was a pretty good pilot was the carrier landing . . .

16 hours C172


43 hours in a C152

No way you had the skills below 10 hours like i had at 43 hours haha

I had approximately 55 hours & 21 one of those hours were at night (working 2 jobs makes it hard to fly in the daylight hours). I had so many night landings that I had to learn how to land in the day. I had 5 CFI’s during this time but most of my hours were with the CFI that soloed me.

And, 2 of the other CFI’s told me the primary CFI needed to get out of the plane - their theory was that he was building hours & taking my money is one reason he would not solo me before he did. Suddenly he disappeared & no longer was around or hard to get in touch with - rumor was that the older gentleman on the field told him to take a hike & he did. I was his first woman student & he was a new CFI. I truly liked him though & didn’t see it that way cause I just like to fly.

I remember one time we were doing many many T&G’s & I was having so much fun & doing so well that he asked me if he could have the plane on my dime - it was a challenge (I’m sure it gets boring just sitting there doing nothing while your student flies the plane).

I was so proud of myself because after soloing & flying by myself I would get the stall horn on ace landings & so I had him go up with me so I could show him how good my landings were & he just made some smart ass remark about them (ace landings) & that was the last time I ever asked him to fly with me.

He didn’t finish me up & I was so close - but never got my ticket. A second job I had taken while working at night at Million Air ended & I got a divorce so my great paychecks that I flew on turned into one that I had to live on (no money to finish).

I tried again the end of June last year & got another kook & flew with him one time & he didn’t have me check the fuel in the wings visually & that was the last time I got in the cockpit with him & he no longer flew out of the FBO he was instructing from - he was an ex-fighter pilot & very very cocky. We did come to agree that it would take me about 13 hours to finish up but after all the crap he dealt me - I walked away once again.

But it’s not too late & one day I will accomplish it when the timing is right & it will be some day (hopefully sooner than later). I did have a woman mentor that I flew with a lot & she started flying at 55 - she was an accomplished sailor before then & that gives me hope being the wonderful age of 54!!! 8)

Soloed & cross country soloed in a C172…

Soloed in 22, C150, at CYQB

Like Flygirljc, I also had to postpone my project due to “Financial Turbulence Caused By Marriage Dismantling”. I had about 55 hours at that point.

I resumed a bit more than a year later. At that time, things had changed where I was training. The chief instructor had quit and had been replaced by some outsider who happened to be the same guy that did the flight exams. It didn’t make much sense to me to let the decision of whether or not my training is completed in the same hands as who are responsible for the profitability of the company that owns the training facility. I had heard horror stories of things that happened while I was away.

So I took my logbook to another training facility at another airport where they were using C172’s. I finally got through my test for my private license at 80 Hrs.

Tenacity pays off…

43 hrs
Diamond DA40
I think having 4 different instructors slowed me a bit but gave me a broader learning experience at the end of the day.

7/24/89 N69045 C-152 20 hrs (it was a windy June/July :wink: )

Me too!!! Plane was older than me and had duct tape holding the door panel on. I would fly anything cheap at the time.

Just flew the same plane a few weeks ago with my wife. N67327.
Wifey soloed in N757SD, also a 152.

N67327 shows export to Canada. I occasionally fly a 152 with close c/n and N#. Sweet ride! I’ll be flying a less than sweet 152 tomorrow… but heh it flies!