Hot Air Balloons not displayed? why?

I’m tracking a hot air balloon which has a Mode-S Transponder with ADSB-Out Position report, it shows in my dump1090 receiver:

It also shows in

It does NOT show up in flightaware, which I am feeding (!):

Why is this aircraft type (1A) filtered out - does not make sense to me?

Can that be fixed?

best regards


Balloons are typically filtered out because they exhibit unusual characteristics (primarily they tend to move really slowly). Our flight tracking engine has complex rules for determining what is and is not considered a trackable "flight to make sense of all received data from all of our many data sources, including Mode S/ADS-B. (Also, make sure you have “position-only” tracking enable in your account since these flights are typically not a schedule or flight plan.) We are working on additional improvements to enable better tracking of position-only flights and will have more announcements about that in the future.

Aha!That explains why the Google Loon balloons that pass by us occasionally don’t show up!

This Project Loon balloon has been visible most of the day. In fact, it’s airborne now between Tonopah and Carson City. Its broadcasting ADS-B.

planeplotter on the other hand, does not filter balloons. I currently have HBAL187 38.88 N -121.87 at 66400 320 deg at 14kts

My PiAware systems are currently tracking HBAL187, 60,500 feet at a mighty 12 knots over Northern California’s Wine Country. Must be quite a view from there.


bob k6rtm