Horizon Air flights duplicated

…or triplicated and not clearing - old flights still show on scheduled departures.


So am I to assume that fixing this is beyond the capabilities of the IT staff ?

The first 111 entries on scheduled departures from SEA are all stale.
Yes I can scroll down 3 pages to get past them. Sigh.

I am seeing the same behaviour for LAX in both “scheduled departures” and “scheduled arrivals.” Same airline; QXE seems to be the offender.

Hope this helps the developers solve the issue.

It’s a codeshare issue. FA generates flight plans (QXE2nnn) based on Alaska Airlines’ schedule, I assume. Since the flights actually operate as QXEnnn without the ‘2’ prefix, these phantom flight plans are never activated, just go into limbo and pollute the displays.

Other sites seem to manage. Compare:

with this mess

A partial solution, which I have suggested before, is to simply suppress ALL incomplete flights on the enroute and scheduled departures pages which are more than 24 hours old. I can’t think of any good reason why they should remain. That’s if it can’t be fixed at source :confused: .

Saw the same thing on the board at Oakland, CA two weeks ago with Southwest.