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HND-PEK flight times

The 1300 mile flight from PEK - HND show average flight times of 2:50 minutes, but the return flights are showing 4 hours. Flight track logs show the HND - PEK flights only flying around 250 to 325 KTS. The main flights I have looked at is Hainan Airlines, but have see similar reduction in air speeds on a couple others I have looked at. Anyone have a reason why they slow down the flights to PEK?

Flying against the jet stream. It can add (flying Est) and deduct (flying West) on average 100 mph (160 km/h, 85-88 knots) to airspeed.

Yeah, I know the about the Jet stream, but 1700 mile flights from Seattle to ORD only have a half hour difference. Even the British Airways have just under a hour difference on each way and that’s a 4900 mile flight.

could be “flow issue” in PEK… could always look at airspeed vs ground speed and see whats what too…