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Historical Data playback

I am using a spare Pi as a portable PiAware device. I’ve setup wpa_supplicant for roaming and it will automatically connect to my mobile if WiFi tethering is set. I do disable mlat on the portable system too.

In a car easy enough to monitor what is going on, provided one is the passenger, but if I have it in a belt pouch not quite so easy.

Whilst I am a fairly experienced Linux user databases and json type files are a mystery to me so my question is; does the Pi save any data that is of any use for some kind of playback? I do appreciate the Pi generally runs from memory to save SD card writes so it may not be feasible. Also aware that the user stats page will show something in hourly blocks.

Why would I have it in a pouch then go for a walk - why not? :sunglasses:


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