High ground doesn't always work out...

So about 4km east on my street there is a cell site which is about 100m in altitude higher than my home. So, since I had access to the site I thought I’d try placing an antenna in hopes of expanding coverage. Well it didn’t quite work out as once I had the antenna and RPi placed and performed a scan I found out the the small microwave system near by is operating between 1000 and 1100 MHz. The interference really affected how the dongle could hold onto aircraft signals. Though range was good signals would drop and reaquire over and over again and message rate was down by 70-80% from my home location. Time to look for another location…

The image below shows the location with antenna placement marked by red line. The microwave system can be seen to the right of the photo.

I’m willing to bet those power lines are wreck havoc with your signal too.

Just as close to the power lines at home without any noticeable affect. But the point is moot as the microwave interference makes the site a poor choice.

Have a power failure then compare :smiley:

It may not have as much of an impact in the GHz range but it still has an impact.

Batteries are a hams best friend.

I can see the cell tower and the red Pi antenna - and a couple of poles along the road - a step down transformer - where’s the microwave system?

I bet you’d need an antenna filter to kill the cell system signal.

Had the site been suitable the Pi would have been inside the hut running on battery power with diesel generator backup, which is in place for the cell site.

What you’re calling the step-down transformer is the small microwave dish mounted between two poles.

The cell signals appear to be no stronger in the scan as compared to the scan from home, 4 km away. But there is a large spike of signals from 1000 to 1100 MHz.

Closest thing is the small microwave system to the right in the photo. Not seen to the left, about 200m away, is another microwave system and cell site.

Already have a couple of other sites in mind and will try and check them out soon.

Here’s another shot…

That looks pretty directional, but it could be the beam in the other direction that’s the problem…

My thought as well. The other sites I have in mind aren’t so congested with other equipment, but they are also not so close to the road, which adds to the difficulty.

Nothing a chainsaw wouldn’t fix :smiling_imp:

Checked out a 2nd site at lunchtime, would have been suitable if there was something to mount the antenna to, but it’s off the list now as well. I was hoping there would be another lamp pole in the yard that would get me above the trees.