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Help with pulling from the AirlineFlightSchedules


I am just wondering if some one would be ever so kind to to help. I am able to query live flights however I am unable to query from the AirlineFlightSchedules. I just want to pull QFA for the month.

If someone is willing to help or possible share the could i would be so greatful.




It looks like valid FXML3 AirlineFlightSchedules queries are being received for QFA flights. There should be a response with a schedules result. Are you seeing no data even when printing the raw/un-parsed response?


At this time I can pull from the airport board … but I am unsure how to write the query to pull from the airlineflightschedule

I am looking to pull

Airline code
Flight number
Aircraft type
Flight level
Dep time
Arrives timw
Total flight time