Helicopter down in Atlantic.

Helcopter flown by Cougar helicoptors ditched in the Atlantic about 80 km from St. John’s NL. Reports are that it was a control landing and that all 18 passengers made it to life raft. No word on the cause.

flightaware.com/live/flight/CHI9 … /CYYT/CHIB

So far only one surviver has been found and flown to a local hospital. Two life rafts were found but were empty.

Latest is that two are rescued… but reports vary.


Weather is reported to be “good” near the debris field. Waves 1-2 metres. Gale warning in effect.
Um, I guess by North Atlantic standards, “good” is relative.
One of the 2 people rescued has been confirmed dead, unfortunately.
Media reports indicate that survival suits can improve chances of survival for up to 30 hours. 30 Hours? That can’t be correct.

30 hrs. if utilized in a life raft.

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Praying for those on Cougar Helicopter’s flight 491


Thanks for answering my question about survival suits.

So far no reports have indicated the nature of the technical difficulties reported by the pilot at 9:18 am. The helo turned back to St. John’s, and remained airborne for 37 minutes after the initial call.

In the last news confrence just over two hrs ago it was disclosed that there was an oil pressure problem in the gearbox.

The lone survivor is the son of a former co-worker of my father. My sisters boyfriend was scheduled to be on the flight as well, however, a computer glitch ended changing the flight schedule for him. Very lucky, unfortunatly, it’s not looking good for the rest who were onboard.

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Here is the CADORS.

Record #7 Cadors Number: 2009A0212
Reporting Region: Atlantic
Occurrence InformationOccurrence Type: Accident
Occurrence Date: 2009/03/12 Occurrence Time: 1215 Z
Day Or Night: day-time Fatalities: 1 Injuries: Canadian Aerodrome ID: Aerodrome Name: Occurrence Location: 472605N515658W
Province: Country: CANADA World Area: North America
Reported By: NAV CANADA AOR Number: 105029-V1
TSB Class Of Investigation: 3
TSB Occurrence No.: Event InformationEngine oil problemForced landingCollision with terrainDiversion
Aircraft InformationFlight #: CHI91 Aircraft Category: HelicopterCountry of Registration: CANADA Make: SIKORSKY Model: S92A Year Built: 2006
Amateur Built: No Engine Make: GENERAL ELECTRIC Engine Model: CT7-8A Engine Type: Turbo shaft Gear Type: Land Phase of Flight: Cruise
Damage: Destroyed Owner: COUGAR HELICOPTERS INC. Operator: COUGAR HELICOPTERS INC. (4791)Operator Type: Commercial Detail InformationUser Name:MacQuarrie, JackDate:2009/03/12Further Action Required:Yes O.P.I.:Maintenance & Manufacturing Narrative:CHI91, S92, enroute from St. John’s (CYYT) to the Hibernia Oil Platform at 12:15Z, declared MAYDAY due to a main gear box oil pressure problem and requested to return to St. John’s. Air Traffic Control cleared the flight as requested. At 12:25Z aircraft ditched at position 472605N515658W

Sole survivor badly beaten by landing. Second passenger recovered passed away. Remaining passengers not accounted for. The location becons on the suvivial suits did not transmit… not one single becon is reported to have functioned.

…all indications of a hard ditch.

Two helicopter crash victims from B.C.
By Becky Rynor, Canwest News Service
March 14, 2009 7:01 PM

News article:

theprovince.com/news/helicop … story.html

Recovery efforts start Monday or Tuesday depending on weather. Helicopter is on the bottom on its side in about 150m of water…

…remote vehicle will be used to tether aircraft and bring it to the surface.

…most of the passengers who parished were from the east coast of Newfoundland and the pilots, as stated above, were from British Columbia

Hopefully now that they’ve found the aircraft they can recover the remainder of the victims.

Condolences to all, I know how close all the outports are in Atlantic Canada and how devastating a loss like this can be to so many related families.

Bodies of remaining passengers recovered as of today. Helicopter to be brought to surface today.

The transponders on the survivial suits are noew reported to have functioned on the two passengers who were recovered on the surface.

Fleet list isn’t pulling anything up for Cougar. Curious about their S-61’s. There was one at the FBO in ALB last night after I got in.

Cougar grounded S-92 fleet until cause of lubrication problem in the transmission is determined. The copter in question is / has been raised today and the TSB is going to investigate from there.

Services held today in St. John’s for the deceased. Prime Minister of Canada and Premier of Newfoundland were just some of the dignitaries in attendance.

Titanium retaining bolt which held Transmission oil filter was determined to have failed. The resulting loss of oil may have played a factor in the failure of the transmission. This according to a early technical release by the TSB.

All S-92’s are now required to have titanium replaced with steel for extra strength.